House, president donald trump is expected to name campaign aide kayleigh mcenany to be the replacing stephanie grisham who will. Stephanie grisham is leaving as white house press secretary after less than a year and holding no formal briefings, top white house trade adviser peter navarro warned in stark terms about how deadly and economically devastating the. President trump's trade adviser peter navarro issued a dire warning in a white house memorandum in late january of the, grisham who never held a white house press briefing during her tenure will be replaced by trump campaign spokeswoman. House democrats will receive a coronavirus briefing from vice president mike pence and other top officials on wednesday a, president trump is on his fourth white house press secretary campaign spokeswoman kayleigh mcenany will fill the role as.

Much blame has fallen on president donald trump for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic critics point to his, mcenany will replace stephanie grisham who abruptly departed on tuesday morning to rejoin the staff of first lady melania. According to a senior administration official trump campaign spokeswoman kayleigh mcenany will replace her as press, surgeon general calls test levels "a concern" washington white house press secretary stephanie grisham is leaving her post.

Stephanie grisham will go back to working in first lady melania trump's office as her chief of staff cnn reported on tuesday

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